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Jake Tsys

Proficient and creative WordPress developer with a strong history in website management and development. Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. Experienced in SEO and security (including a server level).

Detail-oriented and dedicated to superior customer service at all levels from the first meeting with a client to the website maintenance after launch.

My Experience

Expert in all aspects of website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation.

I used to run a full-service website creation agency for several years and built all types of sites including landing pages, corporate & advertising (promo) sites, portfolio / personal sites, product catalogs, and online stores. I have tried a lot of content management systems and have chosen WordPress to become a professional at.

Now I am designing, building, and maintaining commercial websites primarily using WordPress.

Improving Websites of Every Kind, Every Size.


my Skills

Possessing personality, energy & charisma to inspire, manage and develop.

Has both ability to work as front- and back-end developer.

  • Website building
  • website managing
  • Website improving


  • Having the ability to build websites from a brief or provided design.
  • Manage domain names, subdomains, DNS, web hosting, business email.
  • Write coding using HTML & CSS (+understanding of the basic principles of PHP & MySQL).
  • Customize WordPress themes to meet clients’ requirements.
  • Ability to set up notifications in case of a website went down.
  • Build WordPress Multisite (run multiple sites off a single installation of WP).


  • Manage websites on a server level (like CPanel, ISPmanager).
  • Ensure optimum performance of each site including site speed, troubleshooting, accessibility.
  • Set up automatic daily backups of all of a website data.
  • Provide regular reports on site updates performed (core, plug-ins, theme), accessibility (up-time), upcoming bills (for domain name & hosting).
  • Client account management.


  • Boost website functionality by additional extensions / plug-ins.
  • Optimise sites for SEO (and decorate them for holiday / special offers).
  • Provide security measures to protect sites on WordPress and server levels.
  • Design new features for existing websites.
  • Ability to cooperate with designers directly (including freelance designers).
  • Perform migration from old sites to WordPress ones (including transferring data and keeping established domain names).


Freelance practice & Continuous self-education

Looking for a good team to settle in for new achievements!

2009 — present

Course of study on Mathematics and Computer Science


Course of study on Computer Technologies in Science and Education


Master’s degree

Actually I am a Master of Laws but let’s just tick a box that I have a Master’s degree 😉


I’ve Worked With

I’ve Worked With

Additional Skills & Hobbies

  • Video production (designing, editing, formatting and uploading).
  • Manage YouTube channels (including ones as an addition to websites).
  • Liaising with clients to discuss web design and functionality.
  • I am comfortable supporting existing clients in an agile manner.
  • An understanding of digital marketing.
  • Experience selling web solutions to potential clients.
  • Scheduling workload to meet priorities and targets to ensure the smooth running of any project.
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